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The Colour Mixing Companion

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By Julie Collins.  Hardcover.

Make great color choices and mixes in watercolor, oils and acrylics with master artists and bestselling author Julie Collins. With over 1,800 swatches, so you'll never be at a loss for the perfect color blend again.

This portable, pocket-sized companion is a clear, comprehensive guide to color mixing in the 3 most popular mediums: watercolor, acrylics, and oils. Introducing simple color theory and the color wheel at beginner’s level, paint your own with the template provided.

  • Over 1,800 swatches demonstrating the wide scope of mixes that can be achieved in each medium
  • Templates and guidelines for creating your own indispensable colour wheels
  • Invaluable information on the rudiments of color, including tonal values, working with a limited palette and understanding local color.

The Colour Mixing Companion is a beautifully presented and practical guide to understanding and mixing colors for artists and hobby painters; from beginners to more experienced painters.