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Do One Thing Every Day To Sleep Well Every Night

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By Robie Rogge and Dian G. Smith.  Paperback.

This guided journal features 365 quotes and prompts to help you rest easy and get the most out of your sleep—part of the bestselling Do One Thing Every Day journal series.

The title of sleep scientist Dr. Walker’s popular TED Talk says it all—“Sleep Is Your Superpower.” Not only does sleep benefit your mood, alertness, and attention span, it can also boost your learning capacity and even prevent illness. This undated 365-day journal is filled with quotes, prompts, and exercises that will help you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Open the journal to any page for something new to think about and do using the recommendations for the best sleep conditions, including:

• Routines, naps, diet, and exercise
• How to wind down mentally and physically
• Where to find expert advice
• Chant sleepy mantras, like “Let it go” or “Om”
• Wear warm socks to bed
• Drink sleepy drinks (chamomile, not cocktails!)

Each page features a quote from a different writer, artist, scientist, musician, spiritual leader, or celebrity. You may not take a shot of whisky and a two-hour nap every day like Winston Churchill, but there are plenty of ideas to help make your sleep more restful and restorative.