Artist's Drawing Techniques

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The ultimate complete drawing course to help you take your sketches to a higher level.

Packed with inspiring workshops and advice from practicing artists, this art lesson book will help you sharpen your drawing skills in a range of media. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside the pages of this artist’s guide to drawing:

   Includes more than 90 detailed step-by-step workshops for pencil, charcoal, pen and pastel techniques
   A comprehensive range of techniques makes it suitable for beginners or more experienced artists
   Techniques are approached with progression in mind, so readers can learn the basics then move on to new creative challenges

Every aspect of drawing is explained in incredible detail in this drawing reference guide. It starts with the basics of drawing — like learning how to draw and choosing a subject — and works all the way through to mounting your finished masterpiece. 

Learn more than 80 drawing techniques, from cross-hatching and stippling to blending and using colored pencils. Develop your own artistic style and grow as an artist by following the step-by-step drawing tutorials through beginner, intermediate and advanced art projects. 

Artist's Drawing Techniques 
will help you tap into your creative potential and unlock new talents, whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned artist.