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A Newfoundland Garden

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By Todd Boland.  Paperback.

Gardening in Newfoundland comes with a distinct set of challenges, including erratic weather, variable seasons, and unique geology and soil conditions. But with the right knowledge and careful plant selection, beautiful and bountiful gardens are not only possible, but within just about everyone’s reach.

In A Newfoundland Garden, author Todd Boland draws on four decades of hands-on gardening experience as well as his work at Memorial University’s Botanical Gardens to deliver a beginner-friendly guide to designing, planting, and caring for your garden.

Learn to select the best perennials for your area, choose the perfect tree, plan your backyard vegetable garden, successfully grow fruits and berries, and much more. Dedicated to all the determined gardeners in this province A Newfoundland Garden is a comprehensive and practical guide to set you up for gardening success.